Destination Rides



Nezinscot Ride - June 27, 2021

This ride begins at the northern reaches of Lake Auburn, climbs through the rolling hills of East Hebron, turning toward Buckfield and finally into Turner before beginning the return towards Auburn.  With just over 1300 feet of climbing over its 22.3 miles makes this a fun and challenging ride for all levels.

Merry Meeting Bay Ride - July 18, 2021

The Merry Meeting Bay ride is our longest destination ride at 42.5 miles, but with ~1968 feet of climbing over that distance means that this ride is relatively flat overall.  Starting at the Topsham Recreational Fields, works north towards Richmond, and crosses the Kennebeck river to bring riders into West Dresden.  From there, Route 128 south takes the route into South Dresden and Days Ferry and merges into Route 127, brining the group into Woolwich and back over the Kennebeck where the westward trip back to Topsham is started.

Norway Brewing Ride - August 8, 2021

This is the ride for beer lovers!  The ride starts at Norway Brewing and heads northerly out the west shore of Pennessewassee Lake through Nobles Corner and into Greenwood.  From here the ride takes an easterly heading towards West Paris, then turns south for the return trip to Norway.  This ride features 24.2 miles and 1312 feet of climbing, to make it a great way to end the summer.