Beginner Ride

MCC Group Ride Memorandum: Please Review This Memo

Location: 151 Russell St, Lewiston, ME (Bates College Track Parking Lot)

Meeting Time: Thursday Evenings 6:00PM Start Date: TBA

Distance, Pace & Duration: This ride is 6 miles long at an average pace of 8-12 MPH.  It takes approximately 50-60 minutes to complete with stops.

The Beginner Road Ride was started for novice road bicycle riders.  We discovered we had families bringing along their children to join in the fun, and as such this is our only road ride where children under 14 are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

Riders should feel free to participate regardless of the type of bike they have and their previous riding experience.  Each ride will have at least one ride leader and one ride sweeper.  Ride leaders and sweepers will emphasize and demonstrate safe road riding practices.

Ride leaders marshal the group at each intersection and stopping point, advising how and when to proceed safely in various situations.  The ride sweeper is responsible for keeping those folks at the back of the group from falling behind, communicating to the leader when things need to slow down, and accompanying those who cannot complete the planned distance back to the parking lot.

The goal of this ride is to have participants experience a fun entry into cycling on the road and to build confidence and experience on their bike that will help them join other regularly scheduled "D" pace club rides.