MCC COVID-19 UPDATE - Updated 9/1/2020

The MCC Board of Directors met (via Zoom) on 6/15/2020 and made the following decisions - key points are highlighted below (9/1/2020 Update - Ride Times):

1.      Club rides will begin next week (6/22/2020).  The rides will include the Monday 5:30 pm ride, Wednesday 5:30 pm rides, and the new Friday morning 9:00 am ride.

2.     Rides are open ONLY to MCC members.  We expect that all members will only ride if they are currently feeling healthy and have not knowingly come in contact with Covid 19 positive individuals in the previous two weeks.

3.     The Monday and Friday rides will begin and end at the Lewiston-Auburn Airport parking lot (Lewiston Junction Road).  The Wednesday ride will, once again, start and finish at Geiger School.  We encourage members to spread out when parking and preparing for the ride.

4.     Rides will be broken down into groups of no more than 10.  Whenever a group of 10 is ready to ride, we will ask them to set out.  We will space the rides out by approximately 5 minutes in between.  There will be a sweeper assigned to each day’s ride to ensure that everyone finishes safely. 

5.     Riders should carry a mask and use it when preparing their bike to ride and for any after ride socializing.  Masks are not required during the ride but should be carried in case we need to congregate to help change a flat or repair a mechanical problem.  We encourage riders to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer as well.

6.     We remind all riders NOT to congregate at intersections or when the ride regroups as we want to avoid situations where observers might take offense with our activity.

7.     There should be no pace line riding on any MCC ride at this stage in the season.

8.     A reminder:  The Monday ride is a 14 mph ride so everyone will be riding at the same pace.  The Friday ride is a C/D ride where we again expect most riders will be at the same pace.  The Wed night ride often involves different paces and we will ask riders to group accordingly.

9.     We will set up a survey monkey to solicit your feedback on our group ride program (details to follow).  We plan to meet again as a board in a couple of weeks to assess how the riding program is progressing and to decide if we should add additional scheduled rides and make any other changes to these protocols.

10.  We are all excited to once again get out on our bikes as a group.  Please help us to do this safely by following the guidelines we have described above.


With the change in the calendar from 2019 to 2020 and the sight of spring on the horizon, the Maine Cycling Club group changes are beginning to take shape and some exciting announcements here for you.

The first great announcement for 2020 is the possible addition of a Friday Morning Ride from the Lewiston/Auburn Municipal Airport parking lot.

The next announcement is that regularly scheduled group rides will get a little later start this year to avoid our recent run-in with poor weather in April.  So, we'll be starting regular group rides on Monday, May 4th.

MCC Facebook Updates:

5 days ago

Maine Cycling Club

Greetings and Happy Spring to fellow cycling enthusiasts! Please read on for important updates regarding our MCC 2021 riding season.

The Maine Cycling Club board met last evening to discuss and make a decision on plans for this coming season. We are happy to share that we will support rides with the caveat that plans could alter to accommodate the ever-changing pandemic climate (more restrictions with less opportunities, or less restrictions with more opportunities). At this time, rides are open to members and non-members alike.

Beginning on May 3rd, weekly rides will be as follows:
1. Monday 6pm, D pace ride leaving from Lewiston/Auburn Airport
2. Wednesday 6pm, multiple paces (dependent on attendees, D pace minimum), leaving from Geiger School in Lewiston
3. Friday 9am, D pace ride, leaving from Lewiston/Auburn Airport
4. Saturday 9am, B/C pace ride, leaving from Rainbow Bicycle

We may also post an ad-hoc women's ride for Saturday mornings, and may consider a weekly beginner-only ride later in the season.

Now for the safety information. Due to the current COVID situation, we are requesting that all ride attendees carry a mask on their person and utilize the mask when congregating during pre/post-ride time, or during a mechanical issue. Please adhere to social distancing recommendations, and other precautions set forth by the Maine CDC. We will try to limit congregating at intersections, and keep the groups small (10 or less).

Should the group sizes become unmanageable, we reserve the right to restrict MCC hosted rides to members only. Though not required at this time, we encourage all riders to become a member of Maine Cycling Club and support our efforts toward motorist/cyclist education, and many other community projects.
Membership fee is discounted until May 1st. Become a member today! www.mainecyclingclub.com/join-today-2/
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9 months ago

Maine Cycling Club

Hey, did anyone else see that there's new pavement going down on Plains Rd in Poland?!

I also hear that Auburn is putting new pavement down on Hardscrabble Rd.

How awesome is that? New PRs coming soon, maybe!
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10 months ago

Maine Cycling Club

No ride this evening, obviously. We are hoping for a dry Wednesday ride, leaving from Geiger school at 6pm. ... See MoreSee Less

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